Graphic and creative design of packaging

Packaging Design
Graphic and creative design of packaging

To ensure that our packaging influences the purchase decision and, more importantly, captures the attention of the consumer when competing with similar products in quality and price, it must stimulate the buyer immediately, and this response is not achieved by chance.

  • Wine Label Design.
  • Canning cans design.
  • Design of CD's and DVD's.
  • Design of plastic bags and paper bags.
  • Bag design.
  • Packaging design
  • Merchandising
  • Vinegar bottles design.
  • Design of oil bottles.

A good packaging design should indicate the product it contains and differentiate itself from its competitors, tell a story in the minimum space, provoke the interest of the future customer.

We are specialists in making your products stand out above your competition at any counter you find, thanks to the design of professional packaging that we offer

;Diseño de envases, bolsas, packaging

  • Your packaging must be professional
  • It must represent the brand's corporate strategy
  • The container must be composed of the best materials for the purpose that was created
  • You must have an attractive image that seduces, attracts attention and invites you to buy it
  • The design of your packaging should be clean and tidy, since the informative work of labeling is vital in its effectiveness.

Functionality and design of packages and wrappers (Packaging)

We always strive so that your design of boxes, packages and wrappers, in addition to being unique and different, will be practical and functional.
Packaging design

Versatility of packaging design

Diseño de botellas, diseño de etiquetas de botellas, diseño de envases
We develop containers and wrappers for all kinds of shapes and products, design of wine labels, CD cases, food cans, oil bottles, wine bottles, dairy products, various boxes, liners, stickers, food products, etc. Everything is likely to be packaged.

The packaging, which takes a product to the consumer not only serves to contain, but also serves to communicate.

A good design of the product's packaging or packaging box must: protect the product, be adaptable to the assembly line speeds, promote or sell the item, increase the density of the product, help the consumer to use the product, to provide reusable value to the user, to satisfy legal requirements, and to keep packaging costs in line.

Diseño de etiquetas de botellas, diseño packaging
To get the most out of the products that are marketed through the various sales channels, fiercely competitive every day and much more today, we need to provide our products with packaging and an attractive presentation, (the famous enter through the eyes ) all this through a good creative packaging design.

Creative services of graphic design, graphic communication, design of wine and oil labels, magazines and catalogs

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