SEO techniques and tricks and web positioning tricks on the internet:

In Ofifacil we have a team specialized in organic positioning (SEO). With our service, your company can appear in the top positions of the main search engine listings, dramatically increasing visitor traffic on your page.

We use semantic language / Google Friendly, legal techniques and not penalized by search engines that guarantee the correct recognition and reading of your page. As well as specific techniques of web positioning, structure of your web page, content, keywords ... with the aim of positioning your web page and your company in search engines, mainly in Google positioning.

All web statistics under control:

All our pages are designed correctly so that Google, Yahoo and most search engines index them correctly.

You will also have everything under control with all kinds of web usage statistics and how users interact:

  • Control and statistics of visits to your website.
  • Control of page views.
  • Users online.
  • Origin of the visits.
  • Customizable and exportable statistics.
  • ....

Website design with Google Analytics statistics
Development of web pages with Google Analytics statistics
Statistics to know visits on a web page
Design of web pages with Google Analytics statistics to know the visits
Servicios creativos de diseño gráfico, comunicación gráfica, diseño de etiquetas de vino y aceite, revistas y catálogos


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