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The Internet has revolutionized the world of image, design and the way we interact and learn new ways to approach the same challenges.

Now more than ever, a creative strategy that is unchecked and that differentiates us from the rest and allows a good web design is necessary.

We specialize in combining image and "web dynamism", which allows us to face high-level web projects, both for small businesses and for large corporations that require the participation of different content update teams. All this with a good design of web pages and a good programming of web pages.

Web design services:

  • Creation, development and design of corporate Web pages.
  • Creation, development and design of virtual stores.
  • Creation and design of online or virtual catalogs.
  • Creation and design of institutional web pages.
  • Creation and design of advertising Microsites.
  • Creation and design of Newsletters.

Creation, development and design of corporate websites:

A corporate website (the design of corporate websites 2.0) is aimed at those companies that wish to have a notorious and quality presence on the Internet. It is about giving your customers in a practical and efficient way, information about their news, products and promotions, so that the page serves as a contact and loyalty for their visitors, and all this with a good professional web design.

But it is not enough to have a website: it must be professional, it must fit with your company image and you must reinforce your message. The web is the image of your company and this can be your biggest ally.

In Ofifacil we will create a website with a unique design for you, which will clearly distinguish you from your competition and give you an image of professionalism and solidity.

Creation, development and design of online or virtual stores

Online store, e-commerce, online store any of these terms is used to describe the sale of products and services on the Internet. In Ofifacil we will help you define your online business and propose it on the go, combining a good web design and professional web programming. There are hundreds of tools that allow you to sell products on the Internet, however, not all of them adapt to your needs.

The easy thing about a virtual store is the platform on which the catalog is displayed, users are registered and orders are placed. The difficult thing is to keep the product, serve the customer online and track visits.

  • Each client has their own account with their access password in a content manager.
  • Order History
  • Catalog searches by products or manufacturers.
  • Possibility to include comments on the products.
  • Email notifications.
  • Offers and news section.
  • Customer, order and stock management.
  • Currency you choose (Euros, dollars, etc.).
  • Total flexibility that helps implement the web design that the client wants.
  • Multilingual store that can be used to attract international buyers.
  • Web browser-based environment that saves the hassle of downloading and installing the software, and gives full control to modify the content at any time and from any computer in the world with Internet access.
  • Security system that allows you to access your account securely.
  • Website optimization and search engine promotion

Creation and design of online or virtual catalogs:

Creation and design of institutional web pages:

An institutional website is a site that presents an organization and its values. For this we must have a good design of professional websites.

Generally this type of website describes the key activities and data of an organization and provides the necessary information to customers or beneficiaries. Therefore, in Ofifacil we strive to develop institutional websites of high quality and visual impact, which are easily accessible and usable by a mass audience.

Creation and design of advertising microsites:

On certain occasions, we need to make a small website, apart from the normal website of the company, with a special web design, outside the normal image of the website, representing an event, an event, a product launch, a Novelty .... and this requires pages or special microsites for it. But not losing the web design of the company or complementing it.

Design according to the campaign, possibility of insertion of forms, flash, counter of visits .... everything necessary to adapt the campaign, and the microsite to your needs.

Creation, design of Newsletters:

Marketing experts say that acquiring a new customer costs between six and seven times more than retaining an existing customer. Maintain contact with customers through a newsletter and may think of your company first when they have to make another purchase or make a recommendation to a friend.Creación, diseño y envío de newsletters o boletines de noticias

Email marketing (Email Marketing) is one of the most powerful tools available today for companies to be in permanent contact with their customers, distributors and collaborators.

The correct design of your electronic newsletters (design and creation of newsletters) is of paramount importance in the image that your company offers abroad, and has a direct impact on the development of your business.

To be successful, newsletters must offer information of interest, and they must be brief and clear. If you want to achieve these goals, you should know who they are targeting and provide what readers want. It is preferable to create brief and frequent newsletters rather than extensive and infrequent newsletters. Newsletters must provide accurate information to encourage their clients to contact you or visit your company for more information.

Diversity increases the chances that at least one article is of interest to readers and leads them to get in touch with you. If you know to which customer segment each of the recipients belongs, direct the content of different editions of the newsletter to specific customer segments.

See frequently asked questions about the importance of online newsletters.

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