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What is a corporate identity manual? - Make a corporate image manual.

The corporate identity manual or corporate image manual of a company or institution is a document in which the master lines of the image of a company, service, product or institution are designed. This corporate manual defines the rules that must be followed to print the brand and logo on the different internal and external media of the company, with special emphasis on those that will be shown to the public. Whether special formats, posters, brochures, catalogs, banners, flyers, letter paper, envelopes, business cards, television ...

The corporate identity or company image manual describes the graphic signs chosen by the company to show its image as well as all its possible variations: shape, color, size, typefaces, fonts, supports, ...

In this manual, its form, opportunity and place of use are explained by including graphic examples. It also shows the prohibitive rules of its applications. Therefore, all possible forms and possibilities to represent the company logo, its typeface to be used in documents, as well as the colors used are described.

The contents of the corporate manual are basically grouped into two major chapters:

  • Basic rules of construction and development of corporate identity.
  • Application of the logo on the different communication platforms: stationery: letter paper, envelopes, invoices, delivery notes, business cards, posters, indicators, mobile park trucks, delivery vans, staff uniforms and others depending on the requirements of the institution .
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