JOOMLA Web Programming, self-managing content manager

We design and program web pages with Joomla, the best content manager currently together with Wordpress.

We attach possibilities for the realization of a professional website with the following most outstanding features:

Diseño web programacion JOOMLA

Professional and competitive web design in Joomla:

With great experience in graphic and creative design, a design is developed according to the graphic image that you want to communicate, and with a visual aspect of the latest generation.

Exceptional quality / price ratio.

Our prices are adequate so that the price is not an impediment when it comes to having a website for your company or business, and we are specialized in small businesses and SMEs.

Joomla Web oriented and optimized for search engines:

We take care that your website is "friendly" with search engines, that is, that it is found quickly and efficiently from any worldwide search engine by your potential customers, especially Google. Free SEO and SEM tools. Making your website indexed in record time.

Keyword advice for better positioning on Google:

We advise you on the choice of keywords and concepts that will make your website appear in the top positions of search engines. Thanks to the careful selection of keywords and our programming, your website will be indexed correctly by Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo….

Web Design with self-managed content manager:

If you wish, you can manage and manage the content of your website in a very simple way, and you will not need a computer technician every time you want to modify your website. Possibility of publishing programs, itineraries, trips, travel guides, ... and in all, with the possibility of inserting and viewing your own videos, on YouTube ..., photographs, links to internal and external pages, letter styles with colors, sizes, formats such as bold, italic ... Creation of product sections or departments,…. As simple as managing a Word or a simple text editor.

Infinity of professional applications for your Joomla website:

WEB 2.0 applications to interact with your customers, portals, corporate websites, virtual stores, real estate applications, restricted areas, newsletters, newsletter, FORUMS, blogs, RSS….

Usability analysis - Intuitive navigation:

Your website will be so simple to navigate that your users will find the information they want in a click.

Google Maps insertion in your Joomla website:

for easy location of your company or points of sale.

Unlimited content

(It will depend on the limitations of the database contracted with the hosting)

Installation of Google Analytics tracking code to know the usage statistics of the web:

visits received, page views, origin of visits, visits through search engines, visits by newsletters, pages visited ...

Customizable menus for your website:

link to own content, external links, ...

Property of the design, content and web:

The website we make for your company is your property always and completely. In addition with open design so that any other computer can continue the work done.

Great quality in programming:

We use quality HTLM programming, and if you prefer, we use the most awarded content manager worldwide, Joomla, which allows us to build an excellent web page based on excellent programming.

Fast service:

Your website published in just 3 weeks!

Insertion of forms on your website:

to interact with the client and receive information, inquiries, orders ...

Training Videos:

You will also have access to our training videos so you do not need to depend on anyone to manage the content of your website, and you can manage your website wherever and whenever you want, without waiting or delays. Making your information and update instantaneous and make your business the most competitive.

Exclusive design:

todos los diseños son exclusivos, no tenemos plantillas, por lo que se diferenciaran de la competencia y además el diseño web será como lo quiere realmente, y no se tendrá que adaptar a una plantilla que limita sus posibilidades de comunicación.

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JOOMLA web design, cms content manager, design and programming in JOOMLA.

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