Graphic design, creative design and advertising:

The image is not everything.
Diseño gráfico, diseño creativo y publicidad.

In Ofifacil we know that design and image are not enough for the success of a company, brand or organization, but like money does not give happiness, we are convinced that it helps tremendously.

Ofifacil is a creative agency specialized in conceptualizing the ideas that our clients inspire us to develop brands, campaigns, websites and corporate pieces that clearly and unequivocally represent the differentiating personality of the companies, services and products they represent. We conceive the image and design as a tool at the service of the interests of our customers and their products.

Graphic design, creative design and advertising services:

  • Naming
  • Corporate image (corporate identity)
  • Logos
  • Slogans
  • Business cards
  • Folders, documents and office supplies
  • Catalogs and advertising brochures
  • Journals
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Diptychs
  • Triptychs
  • Packaging
  • Signage
  • Billboards
  • Creation and design of advertising campaigns

We develop the image you want to give your customers by offering our experience in professional graphic design, whose quality is the result of the combination of functional creativity and current and modern originality of our designers, which will make you stand out from the competition.

We analyze in detail the sector to which your business belongs to advise you correctly, as well as the products and services it offers for the realization of the design that best reflects the image and philosophy of your company and activity.

Investing in image is investing in the future.

How the business card should be: how to use

Why a business card?

The business card is an excellent means to promote yourself. It is a communication document that should not be left aside as it allows to enhance the identity and image of your company while making known its services, activities, etc. This should at the same time reflect the image of the company and also convey a message.

The format of a business card

Servicios de diseño gráfico, diseño creativo y publicidad
The traditional format of a business card is 80x126mm, however the standard format used is 85x54mm. Very similar to the size of a credit card, so it is ideal to put in your wallet. If you opt for a classic ergonomics, you should know that square shapes are more appreciated than round ones.

With what paper a business card should be printed

For a pleasant and aesthetic print result, prefer coated, glossy or matte paper. Low-end papers should definitely be set aside as they will give a mediocre result far from your expectations. Finally, a paper that is too thin will be too fragile and flexible, therefore prefer a paper of at least 300 gr

The typography of a business card

Excessive use of different sources will affect the card reading. It is important to keep the same typeface for everything you plan to write. Instead, you can play with the size (not less than 7pt) and the appearance (bold, italic) to highlight certain information.

The printing of a business card

If you think you do not have enough space to correctly put all the information on the front, you can use the back of the card. Since in no case should you saturate your business card if it will not be illegible. The obverse will mainly serve to put complementary practical information (an access map, rates, hours of operation, etc.).

The design of a business card

As with all your professional documents, the business card must respect a common visual identity, that is, it will be necessary to opt for the use of the same color code (1 to 2 colors maximum). The presence of the logo will obviously be essential for its customers to identify it but also think of a slogan.

Originality in a business card

If you have a little creativity, you can also try to do it with graphic creation programs such as Illustrator, Publisher or PhotoShop. Instead of adopting a standard style you can get a more original design.

What information should I put on a business card

In order for a business card to be both complete and effective, the appropriate information must be put in. That is to say, what will be most valuable for the person who receives your card.

We usually find on a card:

  • the first and last name
  •  the name of the company and the company name
  •  a logo and eventually a slogan
  •  the position and function it occupies
  •  the postal address of the company
  •  the phone number and / or the fax number.
  •  your email address
  •  the full address of your website if you have one

If necessary, you can add additional information that is relevant, but do not forget that your business card must be clear, sober and can be read at a glance.

How much does a business card cost?

There are websites that allow you to personalize your business card for free. Among these we have Free PDF Cards, a very practical and easy-to-use website that allows you to enter your personal information in the predefined fields and then add your own logo in the upper left. Once your card is finished, validate and download the file in PDF format.

Another website with the same style is Business Card Star, it has the same features but you must register if you want to save your project or if you want to download it to your PC.

With these two economical and fast solutions, you can easily print your own business cards


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