Tips and tricks to create elegant web pages

1. Respect your visitors, do not try to force them to read the content of your website, let them choose and decide what they want to read. So you must make your website accessible and easy to navigate. A good web design must have a good menu where almost all the web appears. That will make the web more accessible and easy.

2. Bad publicity is negative, only well-placed ads and combined with web content do not bother. So the ads must be well designed and must be combined well with the web. This will make the web elegant.

3. Your website should give information, teach content to your visitors, share experiences and ideas, if you have information of interest to the visitor, sharing it will attract the attention of users. A website must be based on good content.

4. Develop your own style, let yourself be inspired, it is much more interesting to offer what one is capable of doing than what others do. Be creative, inspire and know all your creativity. It will be an inspirational website for other developers.

5. Respect the web page programming standards, respecting them will help save time in the future, once done, you will not have to worry about accessibility, usability and readability.

6. Be clear, easy, minimalist, direct ... don't be afraid to say what you think, ambiguity creates a distance between you and your visitors. Visitors love the easy, attractive and clear.

7. Hate Internet Explorer if you wish, but pay attention to your users, do not design only for other browsers, Internet Explorer will not be the best browser, but it is still the most used (68% of users). Therefore you must create web pages to be viewed at least in Internet Explorer.

8. Take care of its contents, try to make the site interesting and presentable. The most important thing to index a web page, is the content. And not only to index it well, but to give quality content and information to its visitors. If the information is bad, you will lose visitors. If the content of your website is good, you will get more and more visits.

9. Do not worry too much about search engines, positioning yourself in a search engine takes much longer than writing useful article on your blog. Waste more time inserting content than positioning your website, and over time you will see that it is positioned better. Mind you, take care of the keywords in that content. It is vital.

10. Get in touch, but don't use spam, let those who might be interested in your content be aware of it. Use newsletters and newsletters to contact your customers or visitors. The use of authorized newsletters is the best way to attract visits and sales.

11. Write, publish, feel free to ask. Content, content, content ...

12. Answer your emails immediately, try to leave a good impression on the person you wish to contact you. Make your professionalism known.

13. Use the advantages of semantic web, don't be afraid to mention your site in social bookmarking. Use social bookmarking to promote your website. He will win in the long run.

14. Make connections, find information, stay up to date. Good web developers, and the most creative are always supported by CSS Showcases, galleries and other developers.

15. Think of a global world, do not limit yourself to your country or region, the internet has no borders. Your market is the world, and everyone can visit your website.

16. Never compromise your principles, don't just do what you are told to do, correct, if you believe you have to correct a customer. First things first, my values ​​are my values.

17. Keep in touch, keeping up to date on what is on the network. The network is a great source of information and therefore training. Form on the web, new designs, new programs to make web pages, new methods .... everything you need to be up to date in the creation of web pages.

18. Learn to manage your creativity, looking for a new idea, you can navigate through a web development forum, paying attention to what others are looking for. Creative ideas are everywhere, and arise suddenly and without warning.

19. Make your website beautiful, with a clear, readable and interesting design. The simpler the better, the lighter the better, the more minimalist the better, web pages with a clear and easy to use design. With all the information at your fingertips and easy to locate.

20. Be aware of the power of the web, you are creating the web, so you can support projects that seem important to you.

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