Tips or tricks to design web pages. How to make an effective banner. Tips or tricks to make your banners be more effective and attractive.

• Animation: If there is animation on the banners, a response of 25% more is generated.

• Questions: If the banner has a question within its design, it generates 16% more traffic.

• Free !!: It is the magic word, which depending on the quality of the promotion can generate up to 35% more response.

• Colors: Using bright colors such as blue, green or yellow, give better results. The opposite occurs with red, black and white.

• Urgency: Pressing users with messages of type "Limited offer" or "Last week", gets lower than average results.

• Ask them to click: If the message includes “Click here” they get an 18% improvement in the results, compared to those who do not include it.

• Product and message: There must be a clear message of the product, promotion, offer, ... The clearer and more direct.

• Weight: the less weight of the banner, the better.

• Link: The banner must be linked (linked) to the page you are actually advertising. The Internet user does not want to read the corporate home page of the advertiser's website, he wants to go directly to the advertised information.

• Size: The larger the banner, the more visibility.

• Situation: the higher and to the left of the page the better.

Recommendations to make an effective and selling banner:

We try to get a banner that leads the visitor to our website. We only have the opportunity to capture the user's attention in the superficial look that gives the whole page looking for the information that motivated your visit. In those fleeting moments, our banner has to get enough attention so that the user captures it and arouses his interest in the product offered.

Do not force user attention

We can force the visitor's attention by simulating signals that the individual's unconscious detects as danger or attention. An abrupt change, an unexpected movement, a tremor in the image, or a noise can force the visitor's attention, but this method generates a lot of stress, and once the false alarm is verified, it produces rejection. Hence the rage so brutal that these practices and others such as pop-up have caused the Internet user as a whole.

However, since it is a totally generalized practice, today the public admits the smooth use of animations, it is estimated that an animation increases at least 25% the effectiveness of a banner. As always, virtue is at the midpoint between shock and monotony, texts and / or moving images always attract more attention, but if the change is too abrupt, unpleasant.

The text is the basis

So our banner only has one opportunity to capture the visitor's attention, during the initial look and two weapons to get it, a text and an image. As the user normally searches for text, it is the text that can most attract his attention. As we indicate the unconscious filters the information, so if our phrase does not tune into the latent concerns of the visitor we will hardly wake up their attention, and if awakened, the subject is not of interest, we will immediately be discarded, so the phrase that appears in our banner is the one that carries the weight of capturing the attention of the visitor and informing him of our offer. It is therefore this fundamental phrase and to achieve it you must comply with the following rules

• Define clearly what our product or service offer is.

• Indicate that it makes us different and better than the competition.

• Reason why it is worth expanding your information about us

• Practice indicates that the most effective phrases are those that arouse curiosity, humor, fear or questions. Phrases of the type "Meet the new", "" It is one of those ... "," Never again suffer ... "," Avoid risks with ... ", etc.

Finally, there are especially attractive words, last day, free, new, enter, sex. For example, we are attracted to a phrase like “Enter and try the new one for free”, “Get more attractive with“ and similar things always help, however we must flee from false promises that defraud the client, let's take care that what the client expects Receive matches what we can really give.

Do not forget that despite being the banner something well known, there are still people who do not know that it is the entrance to another page, a text that says, “Click here”, it is still necessary

Logically, the phrase hook will be written in a letter of somewhat larger size and strongly highlighted in the background.

Once the visitor's attention has been fixed, other auxiliary texts can complete the definition of our offer. These texts can be smaller in size even in some type of text blind.

The picture

The other part is the image that accompanies the text. It is a priority that the image does not hinder the reading of the text, therefore the image must be subordinated to this end. We will take care that the color does not reduce the contrast of the text. The use of bright colors such as blue, yellow, orange and green or bright red, are preferable than dark ones.

The appearance of the company logo or any identifying element of the brand is essential.

Inevitably, in our attempt to get the client to our website, we will fail in most cases, thereby losing the possibility of arguing the advantages of our product, but at least take advantage of the opportunity given by the banner to perform branding or image of brand, the logo has to be a fundamental part of the image.

Call attention without disturbing

In addition, the image must reinforce the definition of our offer given in the text. We indicate that a moving image increases the force of attraction of the banner, we must include some effect of this type in our banner looking for the balance between attracting attention and not disturbing. Images that slide into panoramas or melt together, tend to be less squeaky than sudden image changes, - The smooth change of the image, coupled with soft reflections that circumstantially emit a brightness point, may be the maximum that support without disturbing ..

Advanced banners but people don't use them because they don't know if they should click or use it.
These banners that contain combos, text fields or buttons, where the user can make part of the transaction before viewing the page. They are well in concept, but the problem is that many people abuse these types of banners, cheating the user by making them look like system buttons, etc. They are not highly recommended.


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