Why don't many SMEs sell online?

¿Por qué muchas PYMES no venden por internet?

When an entrepreneur or entrepreneur concludes that "he barely sells over the internet" and puts himself in the hands of professionals, he has often invested too much time and money without understanding the reasons that make sales through Your website does not finish booting.

We will try in this article to mention the most frequent reasons that influence a low or no profitability in the electronic commerce of SMEs.

It is very common, when having a talk with an entrepreneur or entrepreneur, that sooner or later the quality of their products or services comes to light. In its own way, all products and services are unique, excellent and tend to cover some specific need more effectively than others.

1. Our product / service may be the best or the worst, it will depend among other variables on its application and the specific niche to which it is directed.

It is also common that in the same conversation they talk about their online marketing channel, the website they developed and that in more than two years they have barely had sales.

2. A website as a marketing channel alone, without a linked online marketing plan, is no use.

If you look at the description of the products or services, perhaps in most cases they contain too much information, too technical or complex data, and hardly deal with the modes of use or success stories.

3. Do not sell "features" and sell "benefits", it gives us better results.

On other occasions the purchase process includes a record with multiple fields, information that is not relevant, too many steps to confirm the purchase that lengthen the process until it becomes unassumable, so the potential buyer ends up giving up.

4. The purchase process must be simple and contain the essential steps.

At the time of paying and closing the operation many visitors leave the site giving up the purchase.

5. We must provide adequate security and all the usual means of payment used by our potential clients.

On other occasions, the online reputation of the company is not too good and with a negative reputation, sales fall to unsuspected limits. No one would buy a product that someone else is criticizing - constructively or not - in a social network. It is much more likely that someone will speak badly about a product or service if they have disappointed you than if they have met their expectations.

6. We will maintain a close relationship with customers and take care of the online reputation of the company and the people who compose it.

Another common case is one in which no guarantee or after-sales service is offered. It should be borne in mind that the number of sales can be greatly increased by the simple fact of implementing a full money-back guarantee if the product or service does not meet customer expectations. Is it worth accepting 4% returns in exchange for increasing sales by 30 or 40%? Possibly the commercial margin allows us to comfortably make that decision and easily answer this question.

7. We will offer and promote the warranty and after-sales service of the product / service.

Sometimes, it can be seen how the presentation of the product or service does not correspond to its quality or image. Today there are many multimedia elements that we can include in the presentation of the product or service, which guarantee a correct perception of it by the potential client.

8. The perception will be important for the setting of expectations, and therefore, of the purchase decision.

Likewise, it may be the case that the price policy or the added costs influence the conversion of visits to sales. It is convenient to carry out market studies prior to the realization of the online marketing plan, which includes, in addition to the products and services of direct competition, those substitute products or services that could be present in the decision making of our potential clients .

9. Let's review the portfolio of products / services and keep it updated to the real market demand.

Handling data in real time is possible, good web analytics will help you make the right decisions at the right time. Even so, there are entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who do not pay attention to this important source of information. Interacting with potential clients is simple through the multiple communication tools available, which will provide us with interesting qualitative information.

10. Let's analyze all the data that visitors and customers provide each time they interact with the company.

Perhaps they may seem very basic aspects, ten very simple considerations to change the trend of web sales. But in electronic commerce, as in traditional commerce, the simple and common sense achieve, together with a good dose of creativity and effort, reach the objectives set in advance.

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