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80 Tricks of Getting Traffic and getting visits to your website: PART 1

My lawyer made me say this

The strategies and techniques in this report can be used to attract a huge flood of visitors to a website.

However, what you do with these techniques is your business. As I don't know him, I don't know his abilities and - most important of all - I don't know how persistent he will be, I can't give him guarantees.

Allan Gardyne - CEO of - Translated by José Rosselló with permission from Allan Gardyne

Brief introduction to the tricks to get traffic and visits to your website

Two million visits and more ...

Hi, I'm Allan Gardyne, CEO of

Why should you listen to me?

I am not saying that I am an expert, but I know enough about traffic generation to consider that getting a million visits a year is an attainable goal.

I've done it, I've folded it and more - with FREE traffic.

If you have not reached one million visits a year, you should find this report and its content very useful.

When it comes to generating traffic, many affiliates and other website owners tend to stick to a comfortable routine. We often use a small number of favorite techniques and rarely venture further.

I hope this report encourages you to look beyond the techniques you are using and try a few more. Using a wider variety of techniques, it will attract new visitors from new places. This will increase visits to your website and therefore your possible income.

The wider your traffic network, the more your business will last.

You probably will not use ALL of the methods outlined here. Choose the ones that best suit your site, your skills, your interests and your temperament. Only by applying a small part of the tips or tricks and tricks explained here, you will see that you will increase your visits and visitors to your website.

All the techniques I describe here require work - but this is a GOOD thing. It is very important to work on your website, in the long run it will benefit your website and increase visits to your website.

Many of your competitors will be too lazy to do the required work, so when you do, your traffic will jump over theirs.

To do one or two of the things you describe, you may have to go to eLance or Rentacoder and hire a programmer. However, the vast majority of techniques are free and relatively simple. Most of them require time, not money.

About 95% of this report describes solid fundamentals, strong techniques that build a solid, long-lived business. 5% explain tricks. Do not ignore these tricks. Sometimes they can work brilliantly.

I like to think of search engines as my free slaves, working for me 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In 2003 when I was seriously ill and running my business from the hospital, my websites worked like magic, receiving thousands of visitors every day. I LOVE free search engine traffic.

How to get traffic for your site is a HUGE issue. Entire books have been written only for small aspects of it. This report is an introduction to the topic.

For most techniques, I will simply be reminding you that they exist.

Please do not nod and think, "I already know this." Take action Try some of the techniques you are not using.

Other websites use these techniques successfully, so why not you?

At the end of the report, there is a brief list of traffic generating resources that I recommend.

This report is intended for affiliates, but you don't have to be an affiliate to find these tips or tricks and traffic-generating tricks useful.

1 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase of visits # 1 - You MUST have unique and high quality content, if you want to have free and long-term traffic coming from search engines.

This is the most important tip or trick of all. Sadly, it is the one that many website owners ignore.

Provide AMOUNT of useful, information-rich, keyword-rich content that search engines and humans can find.

You know that search engines are getting stuck with crap at an alarming rate. The other day, I found a seller who was boasting that he had more than 20,000 blogs - and he is not the only one.

Consider the negative effect of this exponential increase in blogs and websites of poor quality. Old, large and well established sites will inevitably become more and more important and trustworthy for search engines.

Having a large, well established and high quality site is a very solid investment for your future.

These days, even Google webmaster guides advise affiliates to publish "unique and relevant" content.

If you spend time thinking about the ways of providing truly USEFUL content that people talk about, you will automatically end up having free unidirectional links to your site as the entity will recommend you even without having asked to do so.

I have been building information-rich websites since I created my first site in 1996. This method has worked extremely well for me and continues to do so.

If your website helps solve people's problems, they will love you for it.

2 - Advice or trick of web positioning and increase of visits # 2 - Continue to ADD useful, fresh and relevant content.

According to Google, about half of the 2.5 billion searches done in a day are for unique phrases.

The more Pages you build, each on a specific topic, the better the chances of your site being found.

When referring to keywords, think big. You want your site to be found by THOUSANDS of different phrases every month.

Then you can attract that traffic to your best money generating pages or to the page to sign up for your newsletter.

Also, search engines prefer fresh sites that gradually add new content. Do not let your site stay overnight.

Super affiliate James Martell says:

"My own rule of thumb is this: Add a minimum of 1 article per week, preferably 2. Add a daily article is euphoria and add one every 6 hours, well, this is the best."

3 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 3 - Choose an easy to remember domain name.

If you are launching a new site, choose a name that people remember easily.

Years ago, I visited a site called "" (fork in the head, translator's note). His logo is a man with a fork in his head. It sounds scary,

do not?

However, all I needed to remember that weird place was ONE visit years ago.

You may not want to go that far, but at least ask yourself:

"Will people remember the name of my domain?"

In my four main sites, a large percentage of visitors are people who have remembered the domain name and typed it directly in the browser.

(I also own a site built in 1996 that has a totally impossible URL to remember, but this is another story.)

Try to choose a name that is not confused with other similar ones. You don't want people to type your competitor's name when they are trying to find your site. has a tool to help you choose domain names.

In addition, you can find a surprising number of good domains deleted (expired) on These two tools are free.

4 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 4 - Also buy the wrong domain name.

If you think that people can confuse your domain name with another similar one, try to buy it too.

I realized that sometimes when the newsletters mentioned they put the "s" in the wrong place and called it "".

It even happened at a conference on Internet marketing that I went to. He kindly mentioned my site, but with the wrong name. Wow

So when that wrong domain name was available, I bought it.

Now, if you made a mistake and typed "" you will be automatically redirected to

It occurred to me that people in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, who think that "programs" are written "programs," may also have trouble writing my domain name correctly.

So I also bought It also redirects you to the correct domain.

A good domain name registration will make it much easier for you to redirect one domain name to another. is one that does.

5 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 5 - Make your domain easy to read - especially if it is a .NET

Which of the following is easier to read and understand? or

See how using a capital letter at the beginning of each word makes the middle name easier to read - and easier to remember.

When you mention your domain name anywhere, ALWAYS present it in the most readable way. A good place to start doing this is in your email signature.

If you are unlucky enough to have bought the ".net" version of a domain name because someone was ahead of you for the ".com", help people remember your site by writing something like this ...

.NET example

Being RECORDABLE helps you get more repeat visitors.

6 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 6 - Use appropriate keywords in your image file names.

One of my websites gets hundreds of visits per month from people looking for images. I'm not sure how valuable these visitors are, but I didn't have to do anything very special to get them.

Google Images - - makes it easy for people to search for graphics online.

To take advantage of this, when choosing the filename of an image on your site, use an appropriate key phrase, for example, "book-ends.jpg" if you are promoting subject books.

Here is a tip or trick I discovered ...

When I searched Google Images for "book ends" I discovered that the first search result was for a Page that DOES NOT contain a graphic of subject books.

Instead, the page contained a "book ends" LINK to a graphic about holding books on the second page. If it suits the design of your site, you may want to experiment with this technique.

I am not sure how useful this image traffic is, but it is ADDITIONAL traffic that you can achieve simply by carefully choosing the names of the image files. It is worth having.

7 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 7 - Do keyword research REALLY SERIOUS.

If you want to get QUANTITIES of search engine traffic, you need to find out the exact phrases that people type in those search engines.

There are free tools available for this, but they are not even as useful as the most complete payment tools.

For example, if you use the Overture keyword tool for your research, be careful, your results are not reliable.

As you like to point to my Special Projects Manager, Jay Stockwell, the Overture tool shows you the SAME number of searches for all of these:

bikini girls

bikini girls

bikini girl

bikini girl

bikinis girl

girl bikinis

This obviously makes no sense.

The Overture tool is useful for giving you a quick guide, but NOT for serious research.

Here is a good tip or trick of "Charlie" in our affiliate forum:

"The harder it is to discover a certain search phrase (get traffic), the less competition you will have in search engines (for that phrase). If a keyword search tool is free and popular, how many competitors will you have for the phrases you discover? there?"

Jay has spent hundreds of hours searching and analyzing keyword search tools. He has built the best keyword tool review site on the Internet -

You need to visit Jay's site if you are using search engine optimization (organic SEO) or pay per click ads.

8 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 8 - Try this experiment for page titles.

Here you have a good way to increase your traffic.

Go to Google and type any phrase in the search box. Look at the titles of the websites in the top 10 positions.

Which of them catch your attention and tempt you to click on the link? Some are frightfully heavy, boring. Some are simply a list of keywords. Some are good. Others are crap.

Good titles are written for search engines and human beings.

Now look at the titles of your site. Start with the most important Pages.

Rewrite them to make them more attractive.

Now go to Google and do a search for your site like this ...


Study the page titles. If you have a large site created over the years, you will be horribly amazed at how BAD some of your page titles are.

Want to find some examples of good titles? Just go to Google and do some more searches. Do not focus only on your industry.

Type in all kinds of different phrases and study the titles that appear in the first 10.

Soon you will be full of ideas on how to improve the titles of your pages.

Also evaluate how tempting is the information that in your meta description tag can also help. Some search engines present this information in their search results.

If you have a well-established site, you may have written many of the titles and meta descriptions of your pages years ago, when you knew less about marketing than you know now. If so, it is time to take another look.

9 - Web positioning advice or trick and increased visits # 9 - Organic SEO - a few key points.

Search engines become increasingly intelligent. You can try to be smarter than them but it makes more sense to work WITH them.

Gradually they become better to separate sites of poor quality and give them bad rankings. So build high quality websites containing genuinely useful material that other people want to link to.

The basis of a good search engine optimization is quite simple. Here is a very quick summary:

You need to make it easier for search engines to understand the theme of your page.

Find the appropriate keywords or key phrases and use them in the title, in the header of the page, in the introduction, throughout the article, in the meta description, in the alt tags, at the end of the article, in the links in the page, in bold or italic, and perhaps in a list on the page.

Use key phrases in file names, for example: word1-word2.html.

Use synonyms and word variations naturally throughout the page.

When linking to your pages, use the appropriate keywords in the anchor text (the words that people click on). Do this for all links on your site, and also on links from other sites to yours. Vary the anchor text.

For internal links, it is better to use text than graphic links.

Create a logical navigation system so that humans and search engines can easily find the content of your site.

Get links from other sites to internal pages and to your home page.

This is just a brief look at a great topic.

If you want excellent and reliable advice or trick on search engine optimization, there is a place that I recommend above all others.

It is the resource that professionals use - Stephen Mahaney and his Planet Ocean team. These guys do nothing but search engine optimization.

They are experts.

I have been a subscriber for years. Planet Ocean is a frequently recommended resource because it publishes a search engine optimization newsletter and an excellent book that is updated every month, so you can be very sure that the information you are reading is updated.

10 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 10 - Send to the main directories.

The more quality links you have to your site, the more impressed the search engines will stay.

Start with the big directories like ...


... and continue with ...







LookSmart (probably too expensive)



Best of the Web


Here is a good list of directories

Be sure to read the rules for each site carefully. This slows the process but increases your chances of appearing on the list. You can stay for years, so it is worth taking your time for the details to be correct.

You may want to hire this task by finding someone on a site as a freelance or hiring a student.


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