80 Tricks of Getting Traffic and getting visits to your website: PART 3

21 - web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 21 - Post a mini-course.

This technique encourages visitors to keep going to your site.

Post an informative, short (or long) mini-course by email. Provide genuinely useful content.

Start gradually, after you have won the trust of your readers, place affiliate links in the messages.

Also, give your readers reasons to visit your site, giving them links to related articles on your website. These pages may contain both affiliate links and AdSense ads.

To retain the interest of your readers, at the end of each message give them a small puzzle telling them what they will get with the next message in the series.

The auto responder service that I use and recommend is Aweber. With just one subscription, it allows you to publish newsletters and self-responding courses from different domains.

Some smart sellers who use this technique do not send the mini-course through email. They simply send a message announcing that a new part is online.

Doing this helps to avoid spam filters - the shorter the message, the more likely it is to happen. It also gives you an opportunity to get people to watch your affiliate links or Adsense ads on your site.

22 - web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 22 - Write testimonials that are worth using.

When you read an e-book or a newsletter or any product you find interesting, write a note to the author. Sometimes your note will be published as a testimonial, with a link to your site.

Joe Vitale has used this tactic a lot. For examples, do a Google search for "joe vitale" + testimonial

Don't go crazy with this technique. Remember that everything you write online builds - or damages - your reputation.

23 - web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 23 - Make useful contributions in the forums.

Join the forums in your niche and promote your site in your signature.

Be careful. Read the instructions on the forum first or it will upset the moderators and forum members who have been there for years. Be attentive and learn.

Some forums allow signatures. Others do not. Some will not allow phrases such as "See the link in my signature". Take care.

You also need to remember that many affiliate agreements specifically say that putting a link in a forum is considered spam. Ignoring this rule may cause you to be removed from the affiliate program. I could lose any commission I would have earned.

Build your reputation by writing genuinely useful comments.

If you think carefully about the ways to provide truly USEFUL content that people will talk about, you will automatically end up with a lot of free one-way links to your site since people will recommend it without asking.

Do a Google search to

supalabraclave + forum

supalabraclave + "message board"

A good place to start is our friendly and useful affiliate forum:

24 - advice and trick of web positioning and increased visits # 24 - Post free ads in the forums that allow it.

I doubt that putting up free ads will bring you much benefit, but if you have a lot of time you could try it. Our affiliate forum has a Free Ads section.

As I write this, we are discussing deleting this section because it has been abused so often.

Selfish legions dirty the world we live in.

25 - web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 25 - Make useful comments to discussion lists by email.

You can subscribe to free discussion lists by email and participate.

For Internet marketers, LED Digest is a good one. It has more than 40,000 subscribers. The moderator, Adam Audette, will not accept blatant publicity, so be cautious. Watch and learn before participating.

26 - advice and trick of web positioning and increase of visits # 26 - Write press releases rich in keywords.

Write keyword-rich press releases and send them to sites like PRWeb, URLwire, BusinessWire, PR Newswire and Market Wire, advertising your New site or a new section of your site.

Press releases can give you an immediate traffic explosion and provide long-lasting links to your site.

It may even be that journalists call you for an interview.

A few years ago, the main objective of a press release was to capture the attention of an editor or journalist. These days, your goal is often to go directly to Internet users.

When writing the press release, always keep the reader in mind. You must capture the reader's attention very quickly, using phrases that appeal to the person who reads the article and click on a link to visit your site - both to the main page and to a page you have specially designed.

Write the press release as if you were writing an article for a newspaper.

This means that you must have a short and concise introduction.

Write concisely.

Write the most important point in the FIRST sentence. Then write your second most important point and so on.

Here is a useful Larry Chase article:

How to Attract Traffic to Your Site Using Press Releases.

A useful tool to accelerate the distribution of press releases is PressEqualizer.

27 - advice and trick of web positioning and increase of visits # 27 -Create one or several vivid blogs.

You can create a blog easily and for free, without knowing anything about HTML.

When you add a new Page to your website, mention the new Page in your blog.

Become friends with other blog editors and get links from them.

Here are some good tips and tricks and tricks on how to increase the chances of someone linking to your blog post:

When you put a message on your blog, your blog software should automatically send a ping to major blog search engines, such as Technorati and other sites. Learn to do this.

Here is an ingenious tip and trick. You can get your last blog post to appear on Google quickly by using Google Sitemaps. The eBook The Blogging For Dollars has a bonus report that describes how.

Services such as allow your blog feed to be easily distributed to users of your site. They also allow the subscription of their feeds by email.

Here is a comment from our forum with advice and useful tips and tricks:

31 useful ways to promote and improve your blog.

Here is a written, sometimes contradictory, by Seth Godin:

54 ways to get traffic to your blog.

28 - advice and trick of web positioning and increased visits # 28 - RSS: Make it easier for people to read your blog.

Some people will visit your blog to read it. Others will use an RSS reader on their computer or a web-based service like MyYahoo!

You can make it easier for these people to subscribe to your blog by adding a small special graphic RSS, XML or MyYahoo! to your blog

Some websites add a dozen or more of these special graphics to their blogs.

For an extreme example go to the end of this page:

(Some of these graphics are for favorite social sites.)

29 - web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 29 - RSS to email.

Some people do not like RSS readers. They would prefer to get their contributions on blogs via email. You can help them do this using RSS to email services such as FeedBlitz, Bloglet or Rmail.

30 - advice and trick of web positioning and increased visits # 30 -Remove broken links.

Remove all broken links from your site. Search engines don't like them.

You can get free software to review the links - Xenu's Link Sleuth - that you can download and install.

A link reviewer that I have used for years and I recommend is It is very easy to use.

If you are lucky enough to have built your site using Site Build It! You will have discovered that you have a free link reviewer, which automatically notifies you of broken links. This is a wonderful bonus.

There is another good - free - way to check broken links. If you create a site map using Google SiteMaps, one of the benefits is that Google will tell you which Page s you cannot see and which links you cannot follow.

You can see where the problems are happening and fix them.

The use of Google SiteMaps is always a reliable way to ensure that Google knows about all the pages of your site.

Site Build It! It also creates your Google SiteMap for you. You don't have to lift a finger.

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