What is Google's PageRank and what is it for? How does Pagerank influence positioning?

PageRank GoogleOne of the concepts that Google uses to position the pages on the internet is based on their relevance or importance.

To know the importance of a web page, Google, among many things, is based on the relevance that that particular page may have, and since it is a machine, the only way to know if a page is relevant in its content is know if other pages refer to it, or put another way, what other pages point to links to that page.

Google's Pagerank is based on the result of several formulas or mathematical algorithm, which was developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University.

Its operation is based on calculating and controlling all the links that point to a website, calculating the relationship between them, and assessing how important or relevant these pages are, calculating their own positioning, assessing the themes they have, their content. .. (its importance on the internet)

In summary, the more web pages with links point to our page better, although more importantly, those links come from pages that have some relevance already on the Internet, that their contents are good, and also that in some ways the themes are related to ours. It would be of little use to us if we dedicate ourselves to cosmetic surgery and that we point to a page dedicated to the export of footwear, which although its page is relevant, really does not contribute anything to us.

Therefore we must get relevant pages with quality links, with keywords in the links, which are pages with a certain reputation and prestige within the network and that have a related theme.

There are currently many pages that try to get links at all costs, that do link exchange, or pages that make mass exchange programs. All this is useless, IT DOES NOT WORK IN THE POSITIONING.

The positioning is natural, and therefore everything artificial does not work. Nor does it work in bulk or get many links in a short period of time, it is unnatural and therefore will not work. Better a good and quality link, than a hundred bad ones.

We should also know that Google's PageRank is not everything when it comes to positioning ourselves, and that having a high PageRank automatically makes us better positioned than other pages. Specifically, our website appears on the first pages of Google for many keywords and we currently have a pagerank of 2 out of 10 in Google. So in conclusion, PageRank can help, but there are countless variables that influence web positioning, and pagerank is only one of them.

Page Rank Google

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