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80 Tricks of Getting Traffic and getting visits to your website: PART 2

11 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 11 - Send to the niche directories of your market.

Look for smaller directories, specialized in your niche. For example, if your site is about a health topic, look for health-related directories.

How to find these directories:

  • Go to Search It! (It is a very manageable search tool.)
  • Go to the Search Category, "Specialty Hubs and Directories"
  • Choose one of the 4 options in STEP 2
  • Read "Click Here for Information ..." help before proceeding
  • Complete STEPS 3 and 4, and then click on Search It!
  • Read the tutorial. Tells what to do with search results
  • Get your search results. I should be able to find sites
  • relevant nodes, of the subject, and directories in which to list your site. Some charge,
  • Others are free.

12 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 12 - Distribute USEFUL articles to article directories.

Write articles and submit them to article directories. Make sure they are USEFUL, interesting, not trash. Other websites will take them and use them on your site. If you have added a link to your site in the "About the author" box at the end of the article, you can get hundreds or thousands of links to your site. It will also boost your reputation. When writing the article you will need a headline that captures the interest. You also need to give people a strong incentive to visit your site. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Give people a link where they can get a free report.
  • Tell them they can subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Tell them to visit your site for Part 2 of the article.
  • Tell them to visit your site for a more complete version of the article.

The distribution of articles to directories is tedious and time consuming. You can do it manually or speed up the process - and receive a very useful instruction manual - if you use ArticleAnnouncer. It is expensive but valuable. Another popular system of distributing articles is to use the Article Marketer service to do all the hard work. iSnare is another good one. Here are some popular sites for article distribution.

Another annoying thing in relation to this technique is that some unscrupulous site owners will publish their articles without linking to your site. Patans like these should be punished. In any case, the advantages exceed the minimum disadvantages. You can find a long list of sites to post articles in this discussion on our affiliate forum: http://www.AssociatePrograms.com/discus/ftopic9801.html Some people post an article on their site and a few days later send it to Article directories I am cautious. I think search engines will finally be much harder with duplicate content, so I think a safer approach is to distribute articles that are markedly different from those you post on your site.

13 - Web positioning advice or trick and increase visits # 13 - Write articles directly to other sites.

Getting high quality links to your site is tremendously important. Ideally you will want links from "authority" sites - sites that have many links to THEM. As much as reading what search engine experts say, study what they really DO. A common tactic they use is to write expert articles and get them published on related sites. When they do this, the links they get to your site are preciously targeted - those links come from a page that is about search engine optimization - which perfectly matches the theme of your site. For a search engine, those links are much more important than a boring link which is simply one of many on a page of a small mini-directory installed on a mini-site.

14 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 14 - Send articles to newsletters that are archived online.

Sending articles to newsletters has been popular since the early days of online marketing. In the "Internet marketing" niche, publishers tend to be flooded with offers to publish articles. Other fields are not so ridiculously competitive. You are likely to be more successful if you take time to establish a relationship with a newsletter editor. Also, if you are prepared to write an article exclusively for a newsletter, your offer is more likely to impress. Subscribe to the newsletters and study them carefully. Study the archives online. The item you offer has to be genuinely useful.

15 - Advice or trick of web positioning and increase of visits # 15 - Send advice or short tricks to newsletters and blogs.

A brief and useful tip or trick in an archived newsletter can give you a link to your site for many years - perhaps even a decade or more. You can also send advice or tricks to blogs.

16 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 16 - Include keywords in your online profiles.

When creating an online profile, on any site or on your blogs, in a forum or on sites like LinkedIn - always use carefully selected key phrases. This increases the chances that people will find you, both via search engines and, for example on LinkedIn, through the site's own search engine. The other day a friend, Phil Tanny, mentioned that he had started a forum. To try to find it, I typed ... Phil Tanny forum ... on Google. Search result No.1 surprised me. It was Phil's profile in OUR affiliate forum. (The ranking may have changed by the time you read this.) The links in the profiles are probably not very valuable in Google's eyes, but they are quick and easy to establish. Try it on our forum: http://www.AssociatePrograms.com/discus/index.php You can find your industry forums by going to Google and typing ... keyword + forum

17 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 17 - Get unidirectional links and a few reciprocals.

Reciprocal links are not as important as they used to be. They should not be your main strategy to generate traffic. They are still very useful, especially when you have a new search engine site. Here is an article I wrote describing in detail how to get reciprocal links. For a complete overview of ways to get links, I recommend you read this article by Bill Hartzer: Linking Campaigns Lead to Increased Online Visibility Stephen Mahaney offers a wealth of information in this article: 12 Essential Strategies for Building & Structuring Inbound Links ( Both articles are excellent examples of experts who publish articles on the sites of others.) In addition, here is one of Google's many warnings: "Please note that our algorithms can distinguish natural links from those that are not. Links Natural are links to your site that develop as part of the dynamic nature of the web when other sites find your content valuable and think it would be useful for your visitors.Unnatural links are links to your site placed there specifically to make your site seems more popular in the eyes of search engines. " Source: http://sitemaps.blogspot.com/ Google guides for webmasters clearly say: "Do not participate in link schemes designed to increase the ranking or rank page of your site."

18 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 18 - Publish articles on your site and invite others to publish them on their sites, with a link to you.

Some websites make it much easier for other sites to reprint their articles. At the end of each article on their site, they publish a note giving people permission to reprint the article assuming that the signature at the end of the article is also published. (Caution: Although this technique apparently goes well for those who practice it, I don't use it. My goal is to have virtually unique content on my sites. I wonder if the technique may not work as well in the future. I could be wrong, but I think search engines will be increasingly stuck with junk sites, so they will be increasingly hard with duplicate content. Sites that don't publish duplicate content will benefit, I think.)

19 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 19 - Publish a vivid and useful newsletter.

Let's say you have 3,000 people a week - or a month - visiting your site. Most of them will look at one or two pages and disappear, perhaps never to return. You need a way to persuade them to come back. Writing your own newsletter is an excellent way to increase repeated traffic. A newsletter reminds your readers that your site exists.
To encourage repeated visitors, you can tell your readers about the new articles you have added to your site. You can also remind them of the items they may have missed. You can tell them about a survey you are doing on your site, a special report, or interesting new writings in your forum.
While writing your newsletter, ask yourself, "Is this topic useful? How can I make it MORE useful?"
If you are not a writer, you can hire it externally or simply publish short notes that let your readers know that your site has been updated. My newsletters tend to be long, but yours doesn't have to be.
Newsletters increase your reputation, credibility and - best of all: they give you repeated opportunities to make a sale.
Another advantage of publishing a newsletter is that when you want to launch a second or third website, you can give it a spectacular start by simply mentioning it in your newsletter.
If you have not yet published a newsletter, you will find that the technical part is much easier than I imagined.
A good and reliable way to publish a newsletter is by using Aweber to distribute it.
Aweber takes away the problems of publishing a newsletter.
Using a professional service like Aweber and a double signature process gives you protection against spam complaints. Aweber has been in the market for years, has an excellent reputation and one of the highest - if not the highest - and successful online delivery rates.
Automatically handles subscriptions and unsubscriptions.
It gives you a form that you simply paste on your website to start collecting email addresses, even providing templates for newsletters. It is a wonderful service. I use it for two of my newsletters and I highly recommend it.
It is much better and cheaper than a distribution service that I also use.
It has its complexity to change from one service to another. By inertia, you may lose a significant percentage of readers if you have to switch to a new service.
So start with a well established, reliable company that is there for the long term.

20 - Web positioning advice and trick and increase visits # 20 - Send your newsletter to newsletter directories.

Busque en Google...

  • ezine directories
  • ezine directory
  • newsletter directory
  • newsletter directories

... and send your newsletter to newsletter directories. It takes time and you probably won't get a lot of traffic with this technique. If you have more money than time, outsource this task. I could hire a student to do it. Creative services and computer solutions.
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